Connect to your senses

Move deeper

Enliven the senses and transform habits into rituals. Rise practices emphasise the mind-body connection, inviting awareness and intention into the ways we experience our bodies.

Nurture your inner world
– Connect with your body
– Re-sync the nervous system
– Discover more presence
– Create rituals
– Manage stress and anxiety

With 300+ movement and mindful practices, from stretch meditation to embodied workouts, Rise has a practice for you.

New practices added weekly
  • Monthly


    $25AUD / $16USD / €15 / £13 / a month

  • Quarterly

    Save 20%

    $20AUD / $13USD / €12 / £11 / a month

  • Yearly

    Save 40%

    $15AUD / $10USD / €9 / £8 / a month


Ground in your body

Practice presence

Prioritise your body & mind

Turn attention inwards and discover a new way of working out and in. Through gently guided holistic movement and wellness practices, move at your own pace to explore a new definition of fitness.

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