An ethos of care


The purpose of Rise is to create the space and support to explore personal transformation whilst nurturing our health and wellbeing. We believe that practicing self-care and intentionality can lead us to living more compassionate and wiser lives. 

As a small and caring start-up we aim to bring more positivity and connection into the world. Ten percent of our proceeds (profits) are donated to some of the most effective charities in Australia and throughout the world. Addressing the most pressing environmental and social issues the world faces, such as action on poverty and climate change.

To do this, we have joined the pledge members of Giving What We Can, a community of individuals and businesses publicly committed to donating a portion of either income or profit to the most effective organisations addressing social and environmental issues.

Giving What We Can is part of the effective altruism movement. GWWC is committed to achieving  the most effective, long lasting and meaningful change through effective giving.

Learn more about Giving What We Can here and see member's here.